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A Million Times for You (201)
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Chapter 839: A Million Times for You (201)

An Xiaoning was almost bewitched by his coquettish tone. Who'd have guessed that someone who looked so cold and aloof on the surface would turn out to be like a child at such a moment?

She pinched his cheeks and said, "Ah, you're melting my heart. Fine, I'll agree to your request."

His eyes lit up with joy, and he immediately unbuckled his safety belt, alighted from the car, and carried her out of the passenger seat.

An Xiaoning draped her arms around his neck and pressed her face against his chest to hear his pounding heartbeat. Boom… boom…

Anyone who saw them hurriedly covered their mouths and scurried away, for they were afraid of being berated.

He carried her all the way into the bedroom.

He then lowered her onto the bed slowly and removed her shoes. "Do you want to take a shower?"


He nodded and began to undress her, removing her clothes piece after piece.

Afterward, he carried her into the bathroom and washed her hair for her.

"Whenever you help bathe me, I always feel like I'm crippled and fully paralyzed."

"Don't you like it?"

"I love it. I enjoy being served by you. However, don't spoil me too much and end up making me get used to it, because I'll feel sad when you stop treating me like this one day," said An Xiaoning, closing her eyes and savoring the pleasure of having her head massaged by him.

"I'll always dote on you and spoil you rotten, to the point that I'll be the only one who can tolerate your demanding ways. That way, I'll be the only person you can rely on."

"Seems like you're harboring ill intentions."

"Yeah, I've always been harboring ill intentions and designs on you. Didn't you know that?"

"I'm destined to land in your hands for the rest of my life."

He chuckled and said, "I should be the one saying that."

"Have you got any shame at all? You're a grown man, do you really think it's appropriate to say that?"

"Yes, it's very appropriate."

An Xiaoning rolled her eyes at him.

He accepted it with joy.

After taking a shower, Jin Qingyan wrapped An Xiaoning in a bathrobe and carried her all the way out of the bedroom.

"Where are we going?"

"The study."

He entered the study and switched on the lights. An Xiaoning caught sight of a white piano in the spacious room.

There was a bench in front of the piano that was just enough for both of them.

He lowered An Xiaoning onto the bench, after which she turned around and said, "I don't know a thing about the piano, I can't play it at all."

"I brought you here to be my audience," said Jin Qingyan, pouring himself and her a glass of liquor.

After taking a few sips, he began playing a melodious tune on the piano.

An Xiaoning gazed at him, feeling like he was more dashing than ever.

At the end of the very last note, he asked softly, "Do you like it?"

"Yes, I actually want to learn how to play it."

"Don't learn it." He carried her again and lowered her onto the piano. "I want to know something that you don't. Do you understand?"

"Do you want me to crush the piano and damage it?"

"It doesn't matter, I'll just buy a new one. I don't have anything except money. I can afford as many pianos as you want." He then walked in front of her and sucked on her neck.

An Xiaoning grabbed his shoulders as an electrifying chill was sent down her spine.

The piano would make a sound with every movement of hers.

He was dressed in a thick robe while she was merely dressed in a bathrobe, though she did not feel cold at all.

An Xiaoning raised her head and tried to catch her breath.

Within moments, the piano began to crank rhythmically and almost became incoherent toward the end. Although it was not ear-piercing, it was not exactly the most pleasant-sounding melody either.

An Xiaoning did not expect him to have really come up with a new position and save the best for the last. It had never occurred to her that a piano would make her feeble, weak, and parched.

He really had all sorts of tricks in his repertoire and she had really underestimated him!

To make matters worse, he seemed to be perfectly fine even though she could no longer manage to walk properly.

"My good girl, your body is too fragile. You must train yourself more and… make your bosom bigger."

An Xiaoning glared at him and said, "I'm a C cup and they haven't sagged yet. How dare you mind them for being small?"

Jin Qingyan immediately explained, "That's not what I meant, what I meant was, they're already huge now but they could be bigger."

"Since they're already big now, why must they be bigger? If you want a D-cup woman, go ahead and look for other women! You're barely an A cup and yet you still have the cheek to say that. Get out!" An Xiaoning exclaimed, boiling with anger.

"Good girl, I was wrong, let's go to bed," said Jin Qingyan, who wished he could bite his tongue off.

"Go sleep in the guest room."


"I'll go if you don't!"

Noticing that she was about to get out of bed, Jin Qingyan immediately coaxed her, "Okay, okay, I'll go, I'll go… I'll go right now. Will that do?"

Jin Qingyan really felt like giving himself a tight slap for letting his mouth be so foul. Saying that a woman's breasts were small was akin to criticizing a man's member for being pencil-thin!

An Xiaoning switched the lights off after watching him walk out of the door.

He entered again at midnight.

He assumed that she was sound asleep. However, she had already woken up the moment he opened the door.

She remained quiet and went on to fall asleep in his arms.

The next morning, Fan Shixin greeted him with good news.

Ye Xiaotian had agreed to let Jin Qingyan acquire the Ye Corporation.

"Why didn't he continue being wishy-washy?" Jin Qingyan said while having breakfast, dressed in a white woolen coat.

"I reckon he must be afraid that you'd kill him."

"If he behaved earlier, he wouldn't have had to suffer those gunshots. What a stubborn idiot. I must send our company's representatives to clinch the deal as soon as possible."

An Xiaoning made her way downstairs slowly. Fan Shixin greeted her and left afterward.

She sat down while massaging her back, after which Auntie Chen quickly served the dishes.

Noticing that the breakfast spread consisted of a platter of nourishing food, An Xiaoning looked at Jin Qingyan and questioned, "Did you specially arrange this?"

"Of course, I'm your man. Who else am I going to pamper other than you? It's tasty, try it."

An Xiaoning looked down and began eating slowly, only to discover that the food was really delicious. She managed to polish off everything on her plate, perhaps because she was rather hungry.

"Ye Xiaotian has given up. The Ye Corporation is going to get a new name soon," said Jin Qingyan.

"Congratulations then, Piggy. You've won the battle with finesse."

"Yes, that's because I'm your man," he said smugly.

Before An Xiaoning could speak, he looked at her urgently and said, "Will you still love me as much as you do, regardless of what I become in the future? Do you promise to never leave me?"

"Didn't you already ask the same question last night?" she asked in puzzlement.

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