The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Spiritual Fox (1)
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Chapter 460: Spiritual Fox (1)

Ji Fengyan only had to apply a slight pressure to bring extra pain to the pinned down Zhou Bugui. He was already sweating profusely and pursing his pale lips in agony.

"Do you know why you were chosen by the demons?" Ji Fengyan smiled at Zhou Bugui.

Zhou Bugui glared fixedly at Ji Fengyan but was unable to speak from the pain.

"Because you are stupid. Not just stupid, but utterly pathetic." Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. "A spiritual fox can be hosted inside a human body but cannot break through the inner heart of a strong person. They cannot control the actions of strong-minded people. As a Terminator, you should be killing demons and defending our lands. But look at you now… what a pathetic joke you are? A Terminator becoming a plaything for demons."

A cold light flashed across Ji Fengyan's eyes.

"What gives you the right to criticize? What right do you have to collude with the demons and harm innocent lives?" Ji Fengyan's voice turned chillier as she vehemently pressed down on the evil-vanquishing sword.

Gut-wrenching pain spread through Zhou Bugui's entire body.

Zhou Bugui shook with pain, but he continued his rant.

"Innocent? How were they innocent? Did anyone care about my injury? Everyone was treating me as a joke! You all deserve to die! All of you should die!"

Zhou Bugui's tirade confounded everybody. They completely could not comprehend just how dark one's inner heart had to be to wish everyone to hell.

Ji Fengyan gazed coldly at the unrepentant Zhou Bugui.

"Eight lives were lost because of your stupidity. Zhou Bugui… you truly deserve to die…"

Ji Fengyan drew back the evil-vanquishing sword from Zhou Bugui's chest. The blood-stained sword carved an arc of light in the air. With a twist of Ji Fengyan's wrist…


Zhou Bugui's head was chopped off by the evil-vanquishing sword.

Right up until his moment of death, Zhou Bugui's face remained filled with evil and perversion.

Fresh, warm blood spurted from Zhou Bugui's wound and sprayed Ji Fengyan all over. But she remained unmoved.

At that instant, a black figure suddenly flew out from Zhou Bugui's chest wound and dashed toward the crowd.

"Trying to escape?" Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes and shook the dripping blood from her sword. She surged toward that black figure!

The black figure revealed its true identity after burrowing into the crowd.

It was a slender black fox. Bigger than a normal fox, its back was stained with blood. Following its crazed dash, blood belonging to Zhou Bugui splashed all across the ground.

Startled by the spiritual fox, the youths failed to block the fox's escape in their panic.

As it ran, the spiritual fox kept turning back to check on the approaching Ji Fengyan. Its eyes were filled with alarm.

This human was so terrifying!

The spiritual fox should have been able to escape from Zhou Bugui but was trapped in his body by that evil-vanquishing sword. The fox had been frenetic—it had seized the chance to escape when Ji Fengyan withdrew the sword from Zhou Bugui's body.

Its demon instinct said it should escape immediately.

That human girl was more dangerous than anyone it had ever seen!

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