The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!

Tang Yu’s Sin III
Chapter 496: Tang Yu’s Sin III

Tang Yu had secretly taken many spirit herbs from Nalan Yan?

"But… Master had taken many spirit herbs from the Tang family to heal your body all these years." After contemplating for a while, Tang Wu said.

Although the spirit herbs that Tang Luo taken from the Tang family were not Grade-4 spirit herbs, they were not cheap.

"Tang Yu, tell me honestly. The spirit herbs that I have given you all these years, did you give them to her?" Biting back the pain, Tang Luo clenched his teeth.

Originally, the elders of the Tang family wanted to argue with Nalan Yan. However, all of them went silent after hearing Tang Luo's words.

All those spirit herbs were given to Tang Yu before reaching Nalan Yan? Where did they go?

"Tang Yu! You are such a disgrace to the Tang family! You have put the entire Tang family in big trouble! Master, that's your good daughter! Even Yin'er has left the Tang family because of her!" Tang Si called out Tang Yu's full name. His heart was broken and his eyes were filled with regret. Everything he did was for the wellbeing of the Tang family. Little did he know that Tang Luo and Tang Yu would make such a terrible mistake.

Tang Luo had taken someone's wife away for ten years. That was not all, Tang Yu had secretly deceived Nalan Yan into giving her all the Grade-4 spirit herbs. Hence, the entire Tang family thought that Nalan Yan was a freeloader.

If only Tang Si knew of all their wrongdoings, he would never have taken Tang Luo's side.

Originally Tang Wu felt sympathy for Tang Yu as he had been watching her grow up. If Nalan Yan wanted to take her life, she could just kill her. Now that he knew all the things that Tang Yu had done, he could no longer beg Nalan Yan for mercy.

Moreover, he could hardly save his own life, let alone Tang Yu's life.

Tang Yi was standing by the sidelines since the beginning, like a bystander watching everyone in the Tang family struggling for survival.

The corner of his lips curved into a sneer as if the whole incident had nothing to do with him.

The fall of the Tang family did not start when Tang Yu took the spirit herbs away from Nalan Yan. It was destined to be doomed since Tang Luo had brought Nalan Yan back to the Tang family.

Tang Si's gaze swept past everyone there. When he saw the people standing behind Nalan Yan, he was dumbstruck.

As everyone was focused on the people standing behind Lei Yun just now, they did not notice the people behind Nalan Yan.

As soon as he saw Guardian Feng Ying who stood respectfully behind Nalan Yan, his eyes flickered with hope.

"Are you Guardian Feng Ying from Fengyun clan?"

Stunned, everyone turned to look at Feng Ying.

Lei Yun was standing between Feng Ying and Nalan Yan. Similar to Feng Ying, he was dressing in Fengyun clan's robe. Apparently, his status was higher than Feng Ying.

Tang Si did not know why the people of Fengyun clan would come together with Nalan Yan. However, he knew that they were his last hope of salvation. Hence, he must hold onto it tightly. Otherwise, the entire Tang family would fall apart.

"Guardian Feng Ying, Tang Yu sent a piece of Grade-5 spirit herb—Five Spirit Grass to Fengyun clan earlier. Do you still remember?"

When Tang Si called out to Feng Ying, Feng Ying's body stiffened and took a few steps backward subconsciously. He did not want to be associated with the Tang family. However, he must answer Tang Si's question to avoid misunderstanding.

"The elder of the Tang family, Tang Yu has never given any Five Spirit Grass to Fengyun clan. She would never do so in her whole life," Feng Ying sneered as he said.

"That's impossible! Tang Yu told us that we must give Fengyun clan the Five Spirit Grass in order to please Fengyun clan. We even broke Yin'er's heart because of this. Guardian Feng Ying, could you please think again?" Stunned, Tang Si muttered.

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