So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 377: Yan Wo
Chapter 377: Yan Wo

After Song Chuyi signed the papers, the doctor prepared the anesthesia immediately.

He stood outside and heard Changqing's weak voice coming from inside, saying pitifully, "Aiya, am I going to get an injection? Will I faint? What should I do? I'm scared…"

"Don't be scared, don't be scared. I'm here with you," Changxin consoled her. "You won't faint."

"What? What? Do I have to consciously watch my stomach get cut open?" Changqing shrieked with fright.

"Then why don't you just settle with natural childbirth?"

"No, it hurts so much. I'm about to die of pain."

"Then what do you want? Yan Wo must be in a rush to come out to see you. He'll definitely like his mother a lot."

"This won't do. When Yan Wo comes out, I'll have to give him a good smacking for causing me so much pain… boohoo…"

Song Chuyi facepalmed. If she used her strength to say and think of all this to give birth instead, the child would already be out.

Yan Lei felt his heart aching as he said, "Changqing has been afraid of pain since she was young. In the past, she would even cry from a stomach ache. The pain of giving birth must be killing her."

Song Chuyi rubbed his hands together. He only had himself to blame for finding himself such a delicate wife. It seemed like they should forget about having another child after this one. The little lass definitely wouldn't be able to take it anymore and would be afraid of going through this again.

After a very long time, when it was past 5 am, just as the first ray of light shot out of the dark horizon, the crisp sound of a baby's crying could finally be heard.

Song Chuyi slowly slid down the wall. He almost had all his energy sucked dry by the mother and son duo.

Not long later, the nurse carried a newborn child out. The newborn child was wrapped in a blanket. He was very, very small and was red from top to toe. His eyes were shut.

"Aiyo, he looks like our Changqing." Yan Lei came over and said agitatedly, "He'll definitely grow up to be a fine young man."

Song Chuyi thought of Changqing's amorous eyes. He didn't want his son to have amorous eyes. "Nurse, how is my wife?"

"She's still getting stitched up inside. You'll just have to wait for a while longer. She's fine," the nurse said with a smile.

Song Chuyi heaved a sigh of relief after hearing that.

As the nurse carried the child to perform a series of checks, Song Chuyi waited outside. At 6 am, Changqing was wheeled out in a groggy state.

Song Chuyi glanced at her and was only able to rest assured upon seeing her sound asleep. However, after a whole night's battle, her little face was utterly pale.

Changxin, who was by her side, walked out with dark eye rings. "It's indeed very dangerous to go into the delivery room with this woman. The skin on my hand was almost ripped by her last night. It hurts even more than when I gave birth."

Changxin reached her hand out pitifully and even rolled her sleeve up. There were scratches and marks from having nails dug into her skin. Lin Yiqin held her hand tenderly. "I'll buy you some band-aids."

"Why don't you go back to rest first? It's been hard on you," Song Chuyi said gratefully. "She'll probably wake up at noon."

"Sure, it's probably about time Bing Tang wakes up for her milk." Changxin was drained. It wasn't so tiring even after working a night shift. "We'll come over after lunch."

After they left, Shen Lu and Yan Lei came back from visiting Yan Wo. Song Chuyi also persuaded them to go back to sleep. The two were getting old and they couldn't stand staying up late anymore.

Song Chuchu sat in the VIP ward as he waited for Changqing to wake up. He was tired too, so he lay at the side of the bed to sleep for a while until the doctor carried Yan Wo over. She said with a smile, "Dr. Song, your baby is very healthy. I swaddled him up for you and even put him in a diaper. You just need to lay him down."

"Thanks." Song Chuyi carried the baby over carefully. One must be particularly careful when carrying a newborn child. As he held this little child in his arms, he felt immensely grateful. Just as Changqing said, she wasn't prepared and neither was he. He became a father just like that.

However, he was happier than anyone to welcome the arrival of this child.

He lowered his head to kiss Yan Wo's forehead and placed him gently beside Changqing.

Yan Wo's little mouth was agape and his eyes were closed into one line as he slept soundly.

He looked at the mother and son, and the more he looked, the more alike they seemed. After a while, his lids felt heavy and he started to slide out of consciousness.

A woman's cries woke him up with a start. He opened his eyes and saw Changqing lying pitifully on the bed. She cried with a pout. "Chuchu, I'm in a lot of pain right now…"

"The anesthesia wore off. It's normal for you to be in pain now." Song Chuyi sighed silently inside. He didn't know what to say. If she had just braced herself and went through with the natural childbirth yesterday, she wouldn't be in so much pain now.

"What should I do? I feel terrible." Changqings started crying again. "I want to pee."

"You're on urinary catheterization," Song Chuyi said.

Changqing: "…"

She wanted to cry. She wasn't used to it. It felt terrible and embarrassing.

"Chuchu, I'm hungry," Changqing said miserably.

Song Chuyi looked at the time. "You can't eat yet. Wait for another hour. Your family members are coming with soup later."

"I want to eat chicken," Changqing said with a pout as she acted coquettishly.

Song Chuyi shook his head speechlessly. "You can't eat. You can only drink soup. Alright, look who's lying beside you."

Only then did Changqing look to her side. She saw a bundle with a thin blanket covering it. Her heart skipped a beat. She moved over to take a look, but at that time, a sharp pain came from her abdomen.

Song Chuyi carried Yan Wo up for her to take a look. When Changqing saw the wrinkly child, she said, "He looks just like Bing Tang."

Bing Tang was Changxin's child and the nickname, of course, was suggested by Changqing. Because her child was called Yan Wo, her niece had to be called Bing Tang (1. Rock sugar) since bird's nest went with rock sugar. She wanted to call her Yu Chi (1. Shark's fin) but Changxin refused, so in the end, they settled with Bing Tang since it didn't sound bad.

"All newborn children look alike. They'll look different when they start growing up," Song Chuyi said with a smile.

Changqing watched Yan Wo for a very, very long time. The more she looked at him, the more she liked him. One's own child was indeed different. "Where's my phone? Help me take a picture with Yan Wo. I want to upload it onto Weibo."

Song Chuyi rolled his eyes. She looked so pathetic, but she could still think about updating her Weibo.

Song Chuyi took seven to eight photos for her mainly because it was too difficult to please her. She would complain about Yan Wo turning out ugly or about herself turning out ugly.

After he had finally taken a picture that she found satisfactory, Changqing uploaded it onto Weibo: Finally gave birth to Yan Wo after risking my life. I love Yan Wo. Muah.

Within 10 minutes of her post, Song Chuyi and Changqing received congratulatory phone calls non-stop.


When Yan Molun and Duoyao came over in the afternoon, Song Chuyi was feeding Changqing soup.

"Wow, didn't you go through natural childbirth? Why did you end up like this?" Duoyao looked at Changqing sympathetically.

Changqing sighed. "Natural delivery hurt too much so I wanted to do a cesarean, but who knew that it would also hurt after waking up from surgery? I've suffered so much."

"I think natural childbirth is alright. We have many classmates who are already married. Most of them went through natural childbirth too." Duoyao was afraid upon hearing what she said.

"Maybe I just have a very low pain tolerance," Changqing said weakly. "Why don't you give it a try with Brother Molun? You'll find out then."

Duoyao subconsciously glanced up at Yan Molun, who was standing beside her. Her legs shook.

"What are you thinking about?" One look from her and Yan Molun knew she wasn't thinking about anything nice.

"Er…" Duoyao blinked. "I was just thinking that if we were to get married one day, it's alright if we had a son, but if we had a daughter and she got her height from you, what would we do? It'd be difficult for a woman to get married if she's too tall."

"You think too far ahead," Song Chuyi said lightly. However, it indeed wasn't very good for a woman to reach a height of 1.9 or even 2 meters. "She can play volleyball."

The corners of Duoyao's lips twitched. "So my daughter can only play volleyball?"

"You sound as though you're already pregnant." Changqing laughed upon hearing her words.

Yan Molun glanced at Duoyao scornfully. "I wouldn't mind if my daughter was as tall as me. Anyway, I'll leave a lot of money for her so she doesn't have to worry about finding a partner. She can find a few and pick her favorite among them. There are many things that money can solve in this world. I will make her a queen and not a princess."

"Wow, a queen. That sounds so powerful," Changqing said softly. If she wasn't in so much pain, she would've applauded him.

Duoyao was also stumped by his words.

"I think the two of you should go back quickly to make your queen," Song Chuyi said as he fed another spoonful of soup to Changqing.

Changqing drank the soup and pouted with dissatisfaction. "Soup isn't filling at all."

"When you've recovered, I'll buy you as many delicacies as you want," Song Chuyi comforted her.

Duoyao moved over carefully, wanting to touch Yan Wo. Before she could even lay hands on him, Song Chuyi stopped her. "Wash your hands first. You've brought in a lot of bacteria from outside."

Duoyao found it troublesome but still did it so that she could touch Yan Wo's fat cheeks.

However, Yan Wo was soundly asleep and was annoyed by her touch, so he cried out loud in no time.

The moment he cried, Duoyao said, "He's a carbon copy of Changqing when he cries."

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