Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 96: Your Family’s Young Master is not Bad
Chapter 96: Your Family’s Young Master is not Bad

After hearing Zhong Xingkai out, Ling Chuxi no longer had any intention of blaming him for what happened. Just thinking about how he fulfilled the Blood Wolves' dying wish as parents was so touching that her emotions were showing on her face. As for the Blood Wolf egg, it functioned as a great tonic to some of these monster beasts. As it turns out, the Wind Owl Beast was pursuing Zhong Xingkai so relentlessly because he had run off with the Wind Owl Beasts tonic.

After Ling Chuxi took over the care of the Blood Wolf egg, she made sure to keep it away carefully. Even if it was the egg of just a Level 2 monster beast, it was still the egg of a monster beast and that was rare enough in itself. Undertaking a monster beast when it was a cub was the highest chance of successfully gaining its loyalty as cubs were usually the most loyal. The eggs or cubs of monster beasts were not easily obtained. Therefore, this egg was priceless. The final outcome of this training had already been decided without a doubt. Lan Xinyu was definitely going to lose. As to who would gain ownership of the egg in the end, Ling Chuxi decided she would carefully consider her options before disclosing her decision. The Blood Wolves had given their lives to ensure their descendent had a chance of survival. She didn't wish to give the egg to an unreliable person who was merely looking to gain a mystical beast.

"Say, why were you collecting Ming Mu Ginseng in the first place?" asked Ling Chuxi offhandedly after storing away the egg safely. There was Ming Mu Ginseng in Ling Chunxi's own bag, but before she did anything, she wanted some clarification as to what Zhong Xingkai needed it for.

"My family's miss' eyes are getting worse. I heard that Ming Mu Ginseng could cure blindness, so I thought…" Zhong Xingkai broke off at this point of his sentence and his expression became dispirited. "My miss, she is really pitiful. Though my young master is also taking part in this training, I didn't want him to risk searching for Ming Mu Ginseng alone, so I found it first in order to unburden him. He must stay safe. He is the only living relative my miss has left."

"May I ask who your family's young master is?" Right then, the fifth princess came running over to satisfy her curiosity. She'd been able to overhear Zhong Xingkai's story.

"My young master's name is Xia Zhuoyi…" said Zhong Xingkai.

"Argh, that hateful person!" spat the fifth princess disdainfully as she leapt into the air like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

"You are the one who is hateful in the eyes of others," spat Ling Chuxi right back in scolding. "Sit down properly. If you feel restless then go and care for your secret guard uncles." In Xia Zhuoyi's eyes, the fifth princess wasn't just a hateful person—she was also cruel, arrogant and abominable.

The fifth princess snorted at Zhong Xingkai before turning around and stalking off to the side of the campsite.

"Miss Ling, do you know my family's young master? Does the fifth princess know him too?" asked Zhong Xingkai in much confusion. Why did it seem as though the fifth princess was so dissatisfied with his young master? What problems could possibly have arisen between them? It would be terrible if there was bad blood between them. Offending the fifth princess was not a good thing. When these thoughts begin to circulate in Zhong Xingkai's head, he started to feel very panicked.

"Yes, I do know him. Your young master is not bad," said Ling Chuxi reassuringly with a slight smile as she thought about the elegant young man's unyielding face. He was a principled man who had guts. "Don't worry. Although the fifth princess and Xia Zhuoyi did have some disagreements, with me around, the fifth princess will not do anything to him."

Zhong Xingkai opened his mouth and looked at the fifth princess who was squatting by herself sullenly at the side of the campsite, then looked at Ling Chuxi and recalled the fifth princess calling Ling Chuxi "master". He also recalled that the fifth princess seemed to be constantly trying to win Ling Chuxi's affections. He came to understand this after thinking back on all the interactions between the two that he'd observed—the unruly fifth princess now had a nemesis and she was even willingly accepting these struggles. How miraculous. Who exactly was this Ling Chuxi?

Early the next morning, Ling Chuxi's group left the Crouching Tiger Ridge and rushed toward the finishing point of the training. Along the way, they did not meet with any further situations. The two secret guards had strong bodies, and they had more or less recovered in a short time. After that, they no longer travelled together with Ling Chuxi and the rest but rather, followed along while keeping themselves hidden.

Just like this, on the stipulated last day of the training, Ling Chuxi's group of four arrived at the finishing point. As for Lan Xinyu and her group, they had arrived long before and had been waiting for them.

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