She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 301: A Short Chapter
Chapter 301: A Short Chapter

Ning Meng quickly opened the app on her phone and saw that a new chapter had been added for "Young Huo's Wild Girl". The drawing this round was quite childish and the arrangement was also messier. The comments were all saying that the drawing style had changed, however, the author did not give any explanation.

The chapter this time was a short one.

At Mirage High, the third years of Class 1 had just returned for a new school term and the teacher was preparing to change their seats. There was a particularly mischievous boy nicknamed "Dumb" in the class who was quite talkative and gave the teacher a headache, rendering the teacher unable to deal with him.

"Dumb" raised his hand and laughed cheekily. "Teacher, you don't need to waste your efforts! I can still talk no matter where you move me."

The class roared with laughter, and the homeroom teacher, Teacher Liu, was so angry that she laughed along. She then scanned through the classroom and pointed to the front of Huo Bei.

"You, sit there!"

"Dumb" really turned dumb this time because he was afraid to wake the school bully, Huo Bei! After school was over, the heroine, Ning Meng, looked at "Dumb" and greeted him.


"Dumb" quickly pressured her to lower her volume and pointed at Huo Bei.

Just then, Young Master Huo woke up from his sleep and slowly lifted his head, his condescending eyes blurry as he looked at the door in dissatisfaction. "Dumb" was trembling with fear as he pointed at his own tightly shut lips and waved to indicate that he was not the one who had talked earlier.

The fearless Ning Meng dashed into the classroom and patted Young Huo's shoulders.

"Hey, let's go grab lunch!"

Young Huo furrowed his brows, showing his discontentment.

"Too noisy."

Ning Meng laughed. "If I didn't wake you up, what would I do if you got a stomach illness in the future? Quick, the dishes at your school are too delicious!"

Everyone in the classroom was rendered speechless as Young Huo was pulled up by Ning Meng and they both went out of the classroom. They bumped into a pretty boy with small eyes. When he smiled, his eyes looked like slits, and he gently beamed at them.

"Boss, eating together?"

This person was described in words next to the character in the comic: Su Ye, male. Young Huo's best friend in school. Very gentle, likes to smile, small eyes.


This was Su Ye??

She was just about to turn the page when she saw "The author is hardworkingly creating content".


There were only a few frames in this chapter! That was way too short!

So, Su Ye was Huo Beichen's high school friend? Seeing how the comic was depicted, one could tell that Huo Beichen's classmates were all afraid of him. Ning Meng felt the excitement of following a comic. She exited the app and started feeling bored.

"The Unforgettable First Crush" was being filmed, and God was in the middle of intense practice for the upcoming national tournament in a month. He wanted to win a trophy. Her top-secret plan was also being executed.

As she was immersed in her thoughts, Ning Meng decided that she needed to take some responsibility toward Lord Chen.

'Yes, as Mrs. Huo, I should pay him a visit at his company, right?'

She stood up and went to her cloakroom to change, leaving the house in beautifully done makeup. She did not give Huo Beichen any heads up as she wanted to give him a surprise, however, she did not expect to be held up at the reception when she arrived at the company.

"I'm sorry, Miss Ning. We cannot let you go through without any prior appointment."


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