Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 688: An Exemplary Soldier
Chapter 688: An Exemplary Soldier

They had to count the number of cameras in the forest, not just the number of cameras on their routes. They had to know the topography of the forest, then pass the cameras, and understand their layouts, in order to calculate how many cameras exist around that area and where the next one would be installed.

It was not only a test of observation but professional knowledge too.

Not only did they need to know the number of cameras, but they also needed to avoid them, to prevent the soldiers from discovering them. Even movement amongst the bushes had to be controlled.

"Dual cross-type camera, ABCD connection. Little Fox, there should be a spot-type camera over at your side. It's worthy of the army's best chemical defense regiment. Even the distribution of the cameras gives me a headache."

He could still smile. Ye Jian was calm, "Cross-type camera, X-shape to Z-shape. Captain Xia, there must be two cameras at your right." Because the Z starts horizontally and ends horizontally, there must be a camera in the middle.

Avoiding the dual cross-type cameras is a difficult task. Xia Jinyuan passed through the bushes and the camera emitted a red flash.

The area that was fenced up had the most cameras. It was the shooting range, and also the base of the chemical defense regiment. It was normal to have so many cameras there.

The chemical defense regiment had to perform high-risk missions such as chemical, nuclear radiation reconnaissance, and radioactive contamination observation. The usual training was naturally related to these. Now, Ye Jian was still outside the first layer of protection. The deeper it was, the more cameras and infrared there were. There were even covert sentries around.

The two of them could only compete here. If they crossed the border, it wasn't something trivial. The chemical defense regiment would have something to say about that.

"I came to the chemical defense regiment to learn. When I found out that you were here, I was pleasantly surprised. I originally planned to find you after I'm done. Who knew I would meet you here? Don't you think this is fate?"

They then met at an S-shaped path, but there were bushes between them. It wouldn't affect their communication.

Ye Jian gently spat out the stale air that was stained with leaves, while sweat dripped slowly from her forehead. "It's not fate. It's just a coincidence. If I didn't make a sudden decision, Captain Xia wouldn't have run into me. That's why it's just a coincidence."

…Even if she thought it was a fate, she would never admit it!

"How many people came together because of fate? You must know that coincidence must be coincidentally appropriate. If it is, then it's fate. If you didn't come, we won't be here tonight. But it's a coincidence that you are here. It's fate that allows us to let the chemical defense regiment know that they should add more infrared cameras."

Xia Jinyuan started to move forward, and the end of the forest was not far ahead. Now was the time to sprint!

He can't lose. If he lost, the little fox would have the chance. He made a bet to win. How could he lose?

However, he didn't expect the little fox to be so good. Although he intentionally slowed down, he witnessed her strength. It was enough to meet the requirements of the Special Forces.

After all, Xia Jinyuan was a professional and systematically trained soldier from the Special Forces. If he really went all out, he would have been fifteen minutes faster than Ye Jian.

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