Please Keep Our Secret Marriage Low-key

Author: Gu Pianran

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Status: On going

Please Keep Our Secret Marriage Low-key

Contemporary Romance
★★★★★ 0 / 5 (0 ratings)
He never once touched her in their three years of marriage.
However, he keeps harassing her after their divorce.
Luo Nanchu sneers, "Scram! I'll marry anyone but you!"
The man narrows his almond eyes. He laughs gently despite his inner wickedness. "Who are you interested in marrying then, Chuchu?"
He reigns over Tong City as its most powerful CEO, but is an erratic man who likes to toy with others. He bears a noble elegance and is exceptional without any match, yet he cannot forget his ex-wife.
In the dimness of a presidential suite, Luo Nanchu is forced into a corner by a tall, imposing man. Being at the end of her patience, she cries, "Fu Tingyuan, you're paying money to get me when you could have had me for free in the past! Are you crazy?!"
Fu Tingyuan smiles a gentle and adoring smile. "Be good, Chuchu. You're not allowed to swear."
Luo Nanchu, "..."

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