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Chapter 60: Hydraulic Exo Gauntlets (Part 2)

Chapter 60: Hydraulic Exo Gauntlets (Part 2)

"The maximum weight limit should be around 200 kilograms so one tonne of force from the punch impact shouldn't be a problem, right?"

He had spent almost half a day trying to test out his Hydraulic Exo Gauntlets and was tempted to move everything he saw. As a result, Lin Yu was able to come up with an approximate value and took a temporary break afterward.

However, after a brief moment during his break, he soon thought about something else to test… The punch's impact.

That was the most important thing since his gauntlets were meant to punch monsters and not for moving houses.

The punch's impact and maximum weight limit were not just concepts since habits and the process of swinging a punch often had plenty of factors to think about. For example, take a random boxing champion. The punch impact of an adult male could reach around 100 to 150 kilograms of force. It was rumored that the punch impact of a boxing champion was 800 kilograms of force. However, in reality, it was only about 500 kilograms of force, which was a half tonne of weight.

However, that was only the punch impact. A person could bench press more than 100 kilograms and squat 300 kilograms, although rumors online stated it was 400 kilograms. As for a regular adult…you could try lifting 150 kilograms of weight. Anyone with a female partner who weighed 300 pounds could also try lifting her after kissing and cuddling up with her.

Lin Yu also felt this current upgrade was different than before and he spent so much effort wanting to give it an accurate test. The final result of the Hydraulic Exo Gauntlets was…him completely destroying a punching machine in an arcade.

Fortunately, the arcade owner was painfully rational since he knew the recent amount of drastic changes were increasing in frequency and did not demand that Lin Yu paid for the damages. He only canceled the game entirely while sending Lin Yu off as if he was sending the God of Misfortune away.

Hence, Lin Yu was forced to fork out some of his hard-earned money to go to a gym that claimed to provide professional services for Awakened Superhumans.

A gym usually appealed to a small crowd. Besides a couple of reputable gym branches, most gyms were always eerily empty. The gym Lin Yu chose was also in a weird spot. There were more than ten muscular men inside but since the room was spacious, it emitted the usual lonely and eerie feeling.

As odd as everything was before the appearances of Awakened Superhumans, it was nothing compared to the the Awakened Superhumans themselves. Besides, their Superhuman Abilities relied on their audiences so although one would be keen to limit themselves to supervise their own studies, it was impossible for one to be dumb enough to choke on their food just because they chose to isolate themselves.

Using their powers in broad daylight would cause suspicions since other people could not explain why a person would blatantly use their powers if they were walking a path of 'secrecy'.

Hence, Lin Yu was not concerned about anything after the trainer gave him his word to punch to his heart's content and he would not be required to pay for the damages if he destroyed it. With that, he took out his gauntlets and began his test.


A loud smash echoed throughout the entire gym, catching the attention of plenty of people.

1000 pounds!

That was close to a half tonne.

After taking a look at the data, Lin Yu silently did the math in his head and assessed his body's condition. He then raised his fists again under the trainer's shocked look.

A half tonne was not the Hydraulic Exo Gauntlets' limit. Since the Hydraulic Exo Gauntlets' propulsion force was regulated by the pressure transducer and EMG sensor, it was based on the total strength his body produced. The first punch was him holding it back to its weakest setting after thinking about the punching machine incident and the extent of force he could withstand.


Lin Yu raised his right arm high while the inner mechanics let out a soft mechanical sound. Once again, his fist connected to the punch assessment machine with a tremendously strong impact. The sound that followed was twice as loud as the one earlier as the loud impact shook the entire gym.

Since this gym dared to claim that it provided professional services to Awakened Superhumans and was not made due to the current trend, the machine emitted a constant dull chime while continuously trembling. However, the data results were still shown.

4410 pounds!

Two tonnes!

He actually punched with two tonnes of force using the Hydraulic Exo Gauntlet with a regular human body!

The more important part was that he felt no recoil and was not uncomfortable. He only staggered for a bit after.

The most perfect part about his Hydraulic Exo Gauntlet was its cushioning effect. It did not matter if the output force was two tonnes, the recoil was cushioned by the hydraulic fluid compressing its inner structure and slowing down the recoil impact. Thus, even with two tonnes of punch impact, his otaku body never felt any discomfort.

That was only swinging a punch. The upgraded Hydraulic Exo Gauntlets kept a 'small feature' of the Piston Exo Gauntlets as its fists could be extended as well.

Moreover, he was not limited to a single punch this time and could unleash consecutive punches. It would be like a pile driver in layman's terms. To describe it in a more cultured way, it was similar to the scene where Tony Stark flipped over a tank.

"Good lord! It seems there are more absurdly insane people recently. The future of a gym is dim."

A muscular man lament.

"It's okay, brother. Persistence is the key to success. Maybe there is a higher chance for physically better-built people?"

Another muscular man patted his shoulder. It was not sure whether that man was comforting himself or other people.

Another muscular man whispered in a soft tone, "That person was wearing a pair of mechanical gauntlets, right? Although it's uncertain where this Hack Tech came from, he seems to have a better future studying than bodybuilding, right? It's not too late for him to sign up for a tuition course right now."

"Oh please, only a hermaphrodite would use robots. A true man uses muscles."

Similarly, a different muscular man boasted. However, as his eyes met Lin Yu's, his body recoiled slightly.

After he was done testing, Lin Yu left the gym as a bunch of muscular men stared at him, their eyes filled to the brim with conflicted despair.

When he got home, he silently took out his Charge Blade and lifted it with a single arm. The only thing that remained in his heart was a burst of inflated ego as he thought to himself, 'I am invincible!'

The Charge Blade was technically a combination of a giant shield and sword. Even a normal strong man would require to lifting it with two hands in order to use it so it had a long and wide handle. It was perfectly suited for his Hydraulic Exo Gauntlets.

A punch impact of two tonnes, along with a terrifyingly heavy and sharp Mechanical Charge Blade. As long as it was not due to some unique ability, he believed that no normal physical type Awakened Superhumans could hold his Charge Blade for long.

Although the EXP points required for the Charge Blade was less than half the total requirements of the Exo Gauntlets, the Charge Blade was not as insanely powerful as the Exo Gauntlets. Other than some small functional upgrade, each upgrade would give a material change that made it heavier and sharper!

"Hey, hey, hey! You little brat, why did you take out the Charge Blade again? Be careful not to hurt yourself."

While Lin Yu's ego was being inflated, a tiny, pale and slender hand hastily rushed over and grabbed his Charge Blade away… It was grabbed away…

Lin Yu was slightly stunned as he looked toward the person that grabbed his Charge Blade away.

He obviously knew this person. This person's name was Jiang Mingyue and was a female. Her current occupation was a stay-at-home housewife. At the same time… this person was also his mother.

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