MMORPG: Divine Mech Hunter

Chapter 60: Revenge

Chapter 60: Revenge

A small team of players just happened to see Li Yao riding on the Dragonhawk as he soared into the sky. One of the players was an innocent little priest, whose eyes were shining with little stars. "This mount is so beautiful, how nice it would be if I have one to myself."

"I'll definitely get one for you later," said the young warrior next to him.

"Yeah, I trust you will." A sweet smile hung on the little priest's face.

A middle-aged Knight was standing beside them, the corner of his lips twitched slightly. "Alright, alright, you can all stop dreaming now. Let's go, both of you just created your character, I'll bring you along to level up now."

"Bro, how is this dreaming. We're in a game, why can't we at least get a mount?" asked the young Warrior discontentedly.

"Get my *ss." The Knight knocked him on the head. "Didn't you read the information given by the admins? The mount for our race is a land bird, and it's the kind that cannot fly. The one you just saw is called a Dragonhawk, and it's only available to the High Elven army. No players can get it, so you can stop dreaming about it."

The young warrior was disgruntled, he retorted, "Then, how did that player get it? If he can get it, why can't I get it?"

"Player? What player? That's an NPC! Most players now have yet to reach Level 10 and players have to be at least Level 20 to have a mount. I told you to read the information, but you didn't." The Knight replied bitterly.

The young Warrior lowered his head, and his face was red. "Big Brother, you're amazing, I can't even tell the difference between a player and an NPC." He complimented.

"That's right, follow me and learn well from now on. There are many secrets and tricks in this game, that's why you need to have a pair of eagle eyes," said the Knight as he gave the Warrior an optimistic look.

When he saw that the little Priest was looking at him with a face full of admiration, the Knight felt even prouder, he waved his hand. "Let's go now, I'm a Level 4 Knight, I can bring you guys to grind Level 2 mobs. Both of you will level up quickly that way, I guarantee."

Many people at the square thought that Li Yao was an NPC. One by one, they vented out their thoughts.

Li Yao had many aerial mounts in his previous life, including several types of battle mounts.

In World of Ancient Gods, there were no settings for mount riding. That meant that players had to rely on their own ability to control the mount.

Theoretically, players had to reach around Level 20 to obtain their first mount. But that was just by theory, if players got a hold of a horse or any other types of mounts, they could still ride it.

But the point was if players wanted to ride a mount, they had to get themselves a mount first. Before Level 20, it was extremely difficult for players to get their hands on a mount. There were no relevant tasks to obtain a mount, and without the appropriate proof, the NPCs would not sell mounts to players.

There were many interesting settings in World of Ancient Gods. For example, players thought that Hunters could only catch themselves a pet at Level 10.

That was because there were no skill books dropped that teaches Hunters to catch pets. Once they have reached Level 10, they had to rely on their mentor to pass them the teachings and techniques. But there was no rule stating that a Hunter was not allowed to bring along a pet if he was not Level 10.

The Level 10 Capture skill was the mentor's way of balancing new adventurer Hunters, it was not a rigid rule set by the game system.

Therefore, Li Yao got a hold on the Eye of the Creator which made certain that he could have mechanical pets.

With the addition of the Hand of the Creator, it activated the set equipment's special effects. The Mechanical Contract enabled Li Yao to sign a contract with his captured pets.

In his previous life, Li Yao had immense experience in aerial combat. To him, controlling an aerial mount was just a piece of cake.

Li Yao sat on the back of the Dragonhawk and felt the cool breeze, the cloak covering his body was fluttering along with the wind, creating puffing sounds.

From afar, he could see the Falthrien Academy and everything that was happening on the second platform.

Getaway Studios was no doubt ranked top on China's best gaming studios. Their capabilities were undoubtedly good, and with Li Yao's strategy, although they had lost many players and levels, the rewards they received were quite bountiful. Moreover, their progress was almost as good as the other big guilds and squads.

Now, the first Boss's Health was already less than a fifth of the original Health.

GetawayViolet was a female Mage, she was focused on shooting fireballs from the top of the dome. She saw GetawaySecondBro hang up his communicator, and she asked, "SecondBro, what happened?"

SecondBro did not forget to keep on attacking the Boss either, the two-handed crossbow in his hands were continuously shooting arrows. "Liao Yuan is not easy to deal with, the boss has failed to negotiate with him."

GetawayViolet scrunched up her eyebrows. "This Liao Yuan dude is too arrogant, he didn't even give face to the boss and he thinks that he's some kind of VIP."

"It's very difficult to strike a deal with such a person, it seems that this feud can't be resolved anytime soon. ThirdBro is also at fault, Big Boss told him to take his revenge slowly but he didn't listen. Now, he made things even more difficult for us," said SecondBro.

"This Liao Yuan dude is still somewhat competent, his methods work quite well. It's a pity that he did not know how to act like a decent person. Why must he kill ThirdBro and make him drop to Level 0? All he did was taunt him with a few words." Violet looked infuriated, she felt that Li Yao was being too much.

Of course, from their perspective, they would never think that they were the ones who were too much. They would never think that it was too much for them to rob someone else's Boss kill, or to smear other players' name and reputation all over the internet. They were completely self-centered people.

"There is not much evidence to prove that, he is nothing but a normal person. If we don't take action now, what are we even waiting for? Hold on, what's that?" ThirdBro saw a black dot flying over with immense speed.

"Is that an NPC or a mob?" Violet asked quizzically, but her expression changed when she saw that the black dot was approaching them. "Sh*t, no good. That thing is flying over here."

A giant flaming Dragonhawk was seen flying between the two platforms. On its back, a man was seen riding it and he slashed the rope bridge with a large sword in his hand.

"My rope bridge!" Violet yelled.

Now, the Boss was about to dash toward the second platform. But seeing that Li Yao had cut off one rope bridge, there were still two rope bridges left, and no one dared to climb it.

If the rope bridge were cut off while they were climbing it, they would be faced with inevitable death.

"Who are you? Why are you making things difficult for us?" SecondBro shouted.

But the man on the back of the Dragonhawk ignored him, he swung his Great Sword again to cut off the second rope bridge. He then directed the Dragonhawk to where the third one was.

"Strike him down!" SecondBro yelled. "Even if we die, we must bring down the man on it!"

Listening to SecondBro's words, the three of them began to attack Li Yao.

Li Yao saw the attacks coming as soon as he cut the third rope bridge. He pulled up the reins and the Dragonhawk immediately flew upward, and all three of the attacks landed on the Dragonhawk.

-1, miss, -1…

The three attacks could not even break the Dragonhawk's defense, but their attacks had angered it.

The Dragonhawk was a very fierce creature, and it was also a magical creature.

It was very docile and listened to every single command given by Li Yao because of his master's order, but he was not ordered to give face to other players.

The Dragonhawk let out an earth-shattering shriek, and several tornadoes that were more than ten yards high and three to four yards wide began to violently wreak havoc on the two platforms, including the corridors linking the first and second platform.

The Dragonhawk did not have control over the tornadoes as the raging tornadoes swept across both platforms.

Three of the members from Getaway Studios were swept away by the tornadoes before they could even understand what was happening. They were all dead.

System: You took the initiative to attack the Level 60 Grand Leader

System: The Dragonhawk Leader unleashed Tornado Overload and dealt xxx points of damage to you.

System: You have died, your soul has reached the graveyard.

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