Love at First Kiss: Surrendering to my Devil Husband

Chapter 60: Forbidden Love
Chapter 60: Forbidden Love

"Brother Yan!" Gong Yuyao was signing, "That girl there was so beautiful."

"Not quite as beautiful as you." Ye Yan kissed her hair lovingly, "My Yuyao is the most beautiful girl on earth."

Gong Yuyao lowered her shyly and a mesmerizing blush appeared on her cheeks.

Right at this moment, Ye Yan's phone rang. He gave his retinue a look and then said to Gong Yuyao, "Yuyao, you get into the car first. I'll go over immediately after I finish this call."

Gong Yuyao nodded obediently and followed the retinue out.

Ye Yan only picked up the call after he saw her leave. "Ningruo!"

"Yan, I finally get through your phone. It's fantastic." Shen Ningruo was ecstatic, "Where are you now? When are you coming back? It's our wedding the day after tomorrow."

"I'm already back at Port Capital. I have something on now, I'll meet you at the same place tonight." Although Ye Yan's tone was still gentle, there wasn't much warmth in it.

"Great, I'll wait for you tonight." Shen Ningruo was a little excited.

"Bye!" Ye Yan hung up the call and ordered Zhao Jun, "Everything goes according to the original plan."

"But this time, the Grand Old Master and his people are all coming. If you call off the wedding on the spot that day, he is going to be furious." Zhao Jun was a little worried.

"This wedding was forced upon me by him and I'm not willing at all" Ye Yan rolled his eyes at Zhao Jun, "Anyway, this is not the first time I've rejected his arrangements. It doesn't matter."

"However, if you continue like this, Grand Old Master is going to make things difficult for Miss Gong. Grand Old Master scolded Miss Gong when you backed off from the marriage contract the previous time and Miss Gong had been hiding from you for a year." Zhao Jun advised him gently, "Master, you and Miss Gong are closely related. This kind of forbidden love is not allowed."

Zhao Jun halted his words before he could finish speaking. He lowered his head from the scary murderous aura in Ye Yan's fierce gaze. He didn't even dare to exhale too loudly.

"You will have an ugly death if you ever mentioned this again in the future." Ye Yan warned eerily.

"Yes. Zhao Jun will never do it again." Sweat began to appear on Zhao Jun's forehead.

Ye Yan glared at him coldly and walked out quickly.

Although the Grand Old Master of the Ye family was close to seventy, his eyes were still sharp and his mind was still careful. He had a highly respected status in both the political and business arenas. The people around him would get tensed up even if he just coughed lightly. He had alway been imperious and domineering and wouldn't allow people to go against his decisions. Ye Yan was his only grandchild and he was interfering in both his career prospects and marriage.

They had the same idea when it came to his career prospects. Both of them wanted to develop Ye Corporation into the world's biggest business corporation, so both grandfather and grandson had the same tacit understanding here.

However, when it came to his personal relationship, the two of them had a huge difference in opinions. Grand Old Master Ye wished to find Ye Yan a socialite of an equal status with a business family pedigree, but Ye Yan was only interested in his cousin Gong Yuyao!

Grand Old Master Ye would definitely disallow their forbidden love to continue in order to ensure that Ye Corporation would have a healthy descendent. Hence, he arranged marriages for Ye Yan three different times. Ye Yan had rejected the first two arrangements but he had agreed to the last one with Shen Ningruo and even settled on an actual date. Grand Old Master Ye was very gratified that he could finally have his grand daughter-in-law offering him a cup of tea.

However, Ye Yan had other plans.

Ye Yan saw Lan Qianyu again at the restaurant's entrance and he slowed down his pace. Her complexion didn't look well. A girl was holding onto her and asking with concern, "Qianyu, why did you vomit suddenly if you are well? Are you having stomach problems? Let me accompany you to the doctor."

"There's no need to. I'm just…" Lan Qianyu stopped talking after she saw Ye Yan. She clenched her hands into fists uncontrollably and her crystal clear eyes had a chilling glow. She stared at him with a bone-chilling hatred.

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