Love at First Kiss: Surrendering to my Devil Husband

Author: Tomorrow Night

Genre: Teen

Status: On going

Love at First Kiss: Surrendering to my Devil Husband

★★★★★ 0 / 5 (0 ratings)
One night. An unwilling sacrifice. That is all it takes for Lan Qianyu to become pregnant with his child.
For the sake of her flesh and blood in her womb, she is forced to marry him and step into the limelight as Mrs. Ye. To the public, he is a gentle, handsome, rich man who takes care of his family. In private, he is a cold, heartless, and domineering Devil Husband.
He bans her from interacting with any men other than himself. Even making eye contact with other men can set him off into a jealous rage.
Yet, he brings the woman he loves back home, and dotes on that woman right before her eyes.  If their marriage is but a cold, empty shell, why is he refusing to let her go? In this marriage, she has to be on her toes every step of the way.
One final day, she refuses to continue this game of love with him and dashingly walks away from him. "Devil Husband, I'm done!"

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