Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

The Purpose of Little Seven’s Actions

Chapter 698: The Purpose of Little Seven’s Actions

Fatty Qu wanted to continue to moan, but Sima You Yue slapped him on the head. "Stop moaning, you're not dying from pain."

"But it really hurts!" Fatty Qu laid still. His whole body hurt when he moved lightly.

"You only feel pain?" Sima You Yue rolled her eyes.

"I feel there is a warm aura flowing in my body." Fatty Qu thought for a while.

"That's not it." Sima You Yue stood up. "Although Little Seven thrashed you, she opened your meridians and acupuncture points. You also took the path of physical training. This can help increase your strength in the future."

"Really?" Fatty Qu couldn't believe it.

"Don't you feel the warm aura flowing in your body? Little Seven is not someone cruel. Like I said, why would she beat you until you can't get out of bed. It turns out your body wasn't well." Sima You Yue explained. "Alright, just lie down obediently for two days. Don't take any pills. After the pain is gone, you'll be fine.

Fatty Qu stared at Sima You Yue aggrievely. This guy must be intentional. She was punishing him for slipping up.

"Little Seven was wronged just now. I have to comfort her. You take a rest!" She patted his shoulder and left.

Fatty Qu clenched his teeth in pain and grunted, "This guy is ruthless. Ouch, it hurts."

Sima You Yue went to Little Seven's room. Little Seven was lying on the bed and saw her come in. She turned her face away.

Sima You Yue smiled. She walked over and sat by the bed. "I was wrong just now. Don't be angry."

"Hmph." Little Seven snorted.

"No one really blames you." Sima You Yue touched her head and played with her hair. She added, "I also don't blame you."

"You obviously did." Little Seven raised her head and complained.

"I also apologized just now." Sima You Yue pinched her nose. "Next time, you want to be nice to everyone, you can tell them directly."

"I won't be nice to them!" Little Seven would not admit it.

"Okay, you're not nice to them. You're nice to me." Sima You Yue did not force her.

"It's good you know." Little Seven finally wasn't angry, but she was still unhappy.

"Are you still angry? I wanted to tell you about my matters. Since you're still angry, never mind them. I'm going out." Sima You Yue pretended to stand up.

Little Seven jumped from her bed and crawled onto her. "Tell me."

Sima You Yue felt that LIttle Seven had thicker skin than when they just met. She was like an octopus entangled on her. She wouldn't do that when they first met.

"Come down and I'll tell you." Sima You Yue grabbed her hand to prevent her from falling.

Little Seven got back on the bed and stared at Sima You Yue, not appearing angry at all.

Sima You Yue sat back down. She held her in her arms and murmured, "Actually, when I agreed to let you establish a force with us, I didn't plan to hide anything from you. It was that it didn't come up in my mind for these two days. Nothing happened that made me tell you specifically."

"Was your family really killed?" Little Seven asked.

"Mm. Not only did my family die, I also died." Sima You Yue said.

"You also died? Then how did you survive?"

"My current body is my original body. At that time, I was hunted down by a group of people…"

Sima You Yue recalled the events of that year again. It was not as painful as the first time she remembered. Although she blamed herself, she did not fall apart.

Little Seven could hear her holding her breath behind her. She felt the pain and resentment in Sima You Yue. She reached out and grabbed her hand.

"That's what happened to me. Now you know, why they can't just tell anyone about my past?"

"Mm, I won't tell anyone." Little Seven said seriously. "Those people who killed you and your family should be damned. When you form a force, you must kill them all."

"Mm, I definitely make them pay their debts." Sima You Yue did not hesitate about this. She would not let go of anyone who participated in that event!

"So what happened to the Third Aunt you recognized yesterday?"

"She is my third uncle's wife. Because she never had a child, she was very good to me and Dear Feng as if we were her own." Sima You Yue said. "I thought she was also killed, but I found out yesterday that she was still alive."

"That's good, you still have loved ones." Little Seven let go of her and supported her chin with both hands.

"How about you, Little Seven? What about your family?" Sima You Yue recalled she never asked Little Seven about these things.

"I don't have family." Little Seven said.

"No family? That's why they…" Sima You Yue made a conjecture.

"I was borned under heaven and earth. I have no family, only myself. Later I was rescued and taken to the sect. I have been living in the sect ever since." Little Seven shrugged. She was not sad at all.

"How long have you been in the sect?" Sima You Yue asked.

"How long?" Little Seven thought with her head skewed, "I don't remember how long, anyways, I have seen five or six principles."

"You lived through five or six principals? That's how many years? If a principal stays in office for two hundred years, these five or six principles make more than a thousand years right?"

She looked at Little Seven strangely. What is this little guy? To live for so long but still a little doll.

"What kind of look is that?" Little Seven saw her strange look and poked her face.

Sima You Yue grabbed her hand. She smiled, "You look so young, yet have lived for so many years. I'm curious how you live without growing?"

"Don't laugh!" Little Seven glared at her angrily. "My age is still of a child, not an old monster!"

"Cough cough, ok, I won't laugh." Sima You Yue saw her glare and put her smile away. She looked at her seriously but she could not hide her eyes from gleaming.

"I'm hungry." Little Seven didn't see she was laughing, but she was too lazy to care.

"What do you want to eat? I'll make it for you."

"Roasted chicken wings."

"That doesn't fill you, pick another."

"Then a whole chicken feast."

"Okay, do you want to come with me?"


Sima You Yue led Little Seven to the kitchen. Seeing how Little Seven followed her, Sima You Ming and they did not understand why she was so attached to You Yue.

They stayed in the inn for two more days. The scarlet bees sent news that the ten brothers were ready to enter the dark forest.

Not only the ten brothers, those who came to Green City also went to the green forest within the two days. Green City was suddenly empty.

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