I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 476: He Really... Is a Terrible Person
Chapter 476: He Really... Is a Terrible Person

Qiao Mianmian blinked in shock. "Su Ze said that you're the one who spread rumors about me?"

Why did she not know about this?

Star Splendor already addressed it?

Linda took a deep breath to compose herself. "Mm, you didn't see Star Splendor's response?"

Qiao Mianmian said, "… No."

She hadn't gone on Weibo yet.

Linda looked at her. "You can take a look at it now. Mianmian, I sincerely want to take you under my wing. I have always wanted to, but previously, Su Ze didn't allow me to. Now that I have left Star Splendor, I'm no longer under his control. I can bring you into Huan Yu, and we'll do well together."

Linda looked straight at her as she said that.

The sincerity in her eyes was evident.

Qiao Mianmian could tell she meant it.

To be honest, she was tempted.

Linda was definitely one of the best in the industry, be it in terms of experience or capability.

Otherwise, Su Ze wouldn't have wanted her to manage Qiao Anxin personally.

Top-tier managers like Linda usually managed the A-class artistes, not newbies.

Moreover, she was the one making the offer now.

Given her ability and resources, and her sincerity, there was no reason Qiao Mianmian should reject her.

She considered it very seriously and said, "I need to think about this very carefully. Can I let you know my decision tomorrow?"

"Of course you can."

To Linda, it was good enough that Qiao Mianmian hadn't rejected her right away.

After all, she had managed Qiao Anxin before.

It was only natural that Qiao Mianmian had some concerns about it.

"I'll call you tomorrow, then?" Linda glanced at her watch, ready to leave.

The commercial agent was still waiting for her.

"Alright." Qiao Mianmian nodded. "We'll talk tomorrow, then."

"Ok, that'll do. I have something to attend to now, I'll leave first."

Linda turned around to leave but stopped at the door. She turned around and said to Qiao Mianmian with a smile, "Mianmian, you were right to leave Su Ze. He's really… a terrible person. Also, I believe Su Ze will regret it one day. Someday, when he finds out that Qiao Anxin…"

Linda suddenly stopped at this point.

She simply smiled and said, "In any case, he's a jerk, and it's good that you left him. It's not too convenient for me to say some things as of now, but if that adulterous pair continues pushing me over the edge, I'll make them regret it."

With that, Linda left the private room.

Qiao Anxin thought about what Linda just said, and figured that she probably had some information about Qiao Anxin and Su Ze that could be used against them.

After all, she'd been in Star Splendor for so long, and she'd been Qiao Anxin's manager before. It wasn't a surprise for her to know some private things.

She didn't want to reveal it now, only because she didn't want things to get out of hand.

But if Su Ze and Qiao Anxin continued to go overboard, she would spill it.

At this point, the little devil in Qiao Mianmian emerged.

She actually… hoped for Linda to spill it.

She was pretty curious about what Qiao Anxin and Su Ze had been hiding.

And what exactly did she mean just now?

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