Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 1149, love tribulation
Nan Feng stood there stupidly. He looked at an Nuan pointing at the chair opposite him, motioning for him to sit down. Nan Feng was somewhat perturbed. He asked, "What's wrong? "

An Nuan sat there quietly for a long time.

"Our personalities aren't suitable. Don't come here in the future. Find a girl and live a good life. You know that my personality is carefree and isn't suitable for living, " an Nuan said.

She didn't care about money. She had the ability to earn it anyway.

But with Nan Feng's personality, she was deeply afraid that she wouldn't be able to bear it.

"Isn't it good? " Nan Feng said.

His hand grabbed his trousers and placed them on his knees, staring at her in a daze.

An nuan looked up at the ceiling and said to him, "give me back the key, you can go. "

"You really don't want me anymore? " Nan Feng's voice was a little low.

She didn't make a sound. Nan Feng sat there and looked at her. When he heard her "mm" , he took out the key and placed it on the table.

"remember to eat, " he said. The moment he closed the door, he added, "it's very delicious. "

An nuan watched as the door closed. Her heart felt empty and uncomfortable.

It was as if something was slipping through her fingers. She panicked and took a sip of water. Her mouth felt so hot that it was about to bubble. She quickly covered her mouth.

"Ah Jin, I'm fine. " She took out her phone and looked at the message he lanjin sent.

After replying to the message, she looked out the window and saw lightning flashing outside. The rain was slapping against the window. An NUAN stared blankly for a long time. She didn't know how long she had been staring at it until... ...

"Hiss. " She felt that her legs were numb from sitting, so she changed her position.

She watched as Nan Feng packed his food and opened it to take a look.

She didn't expect that Nan Feng would go and buy it just because she casually said a few words There was even some thermal paper inside. It wasn't cold due to the passage of time.

"How silly, " she said in a low voice.

If she remembered correctly, that shop was closed.

But the things he bought were indeed from that shop. They all tasted the same.

An NUAN's hand holding the chopsticks trembled. After eating a few mouthfuls, she felt that something was stuck in her throat. She raised her head in pain and felt that her eyes were somewhat moist.

"What's wrong with me? " An nuan asked in a low voice.

She bit her lip and leaned against the window, looking at the rain outside. It was getting heavier.

"Boom! " Lightning flashed and cracked the trees nearby. The branches swept past the window and fell down. An nuan jumped in fright. She wanted to go over and see if the window was broken.

When she looked at the window, she looked down.

A figure stood downstairs in a daze. He stood there in a daze and looked up. The streetlights fell on his body, and an Nuan saw that he seemed to have cut himself.

"Nan Feng. " She was extremely shocked.

She quickly turned around and ran downstairs. The winter rain was especially cold. Nan Feng stood there. Fresh blood slid down his forehead and was washed away by the rain.

"What are you doing here? Don't you know pain when you're injured? " She ran forward and punched his chest with her fist.

Nan Feng was punched by her small fist. He stood there and stared at her in a daze.

"I want to see you, " said Nan Feng.

An nuan stood there and was so angry that she almost cried. She looked at the persistence in the man's eyes and reached out to touch his face. She felt that the tip of her nose was a little sore.

"Come in, " she said.

Seeing that Nan Feng was standing there motionlessly, she was a little angry and said, "come in. "

"You... you don't want me anymore. I'm not going in, " Nan Feng said ...

He sat on the ground and did not intend to leave.

An nuan looked at his scoundrel-like appearance and was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She really wanted to step forward and kick him a few times to wake him up.

"Do you really want to humiliate yourself so badly? The rain is so heavy and the weather is still cold. You'll catch a cold if you get caught in it, " an Nuan reminded him

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