Final Boss: Urban Physician

Chapter 60: A Dragon Is Born into the Xiao Family

Chapter 60: A Dragon Is Born into the Xiao Family

When Elder Chen and Master Physician Tang appeared, the entire Xiao village went silent. Nobody dared speak.

This was Elder Chen and Master Physician Tang!

One was the pinnacle figure of Jiangbei's business world, the other was the top medical professional in Jiangbei.

Combined, they could raise half of Jiangbei's sky.

First Uncle Xiao and Third Uncle were in awe, ready to greet them. But before they could approach, the two men were already heading toward Grandfather Xiao.

"Grandpa Xiao, the two of us have come on our own account, hope you don't mind!"

Grandfather Xiao was already excited beyond words. How could he object? He hurriedly waved his hands.

"Of course not, of course not! How could I object? I can't thank you masters enough for coming, let alone object!"

Their faces couldn't help but twitch as bitter smiles formed on their faces.

"Grandpa Xiao, please do not be so formal. We are not worthy of being called 'masters!'"

Afterwards, the two bowed down to Xiao Chen.

"Mr. Xiao, we… we are not late, are we?"

Xiao Chen nodded.

"Thanks for your trouble."

"Mr. Xiao, why are you so polite? It's our pleasure to do anything for you!"

This extreme expectation made Grandfather Xiao burst into tears.

He tilted his head to the sky, eyes turning red.

"My son and daughter-in-law, do you see this? Your son, Xiao Chen, is alive!"


"Do you see the heir of the Xiao family? A dragon has been birthed from our Xiao family! A real dragon!"

The two Jiangbei elders stepped to stand next to Xiao Chen after exchanging their greetings.

Xiao Chen glanced at Grandpa Tang and nodded, a look of praise in his eyes.

"Not bad. In such a short time, you were able to cultivate great Qi flow. In no time, you should be able to enter the innate state."

Master Physician Tang's gaze was proud.

"This is all thanks to Mr. Xiao's god-tier skills. You were able to give me such good progress, I can't thank you enough!"

Xiao Chen smiled calmly.

"You don't need to be so modest. The exercises are only introductory. All your results have spawned from your hard work! But you can't be too pleased just yet. You are only able to cultivate it so fast because you have such a good foundation from the last few decades! The road to cultivation is long, you must work harder."

"Yes, sir. Mr. Xiao is right! I will continue to work hard."

As soon as he spoke, First Uncle approached them with a gloomy expression.

"Xiao Chen! What is going on today? Why are there so many wealthy Jiangbei elites greeting you?"

Xiao Chen's expression was calm, as if his words meant nothing.

"They want to greet me because of my own power. Does… that have anything to do with you?"

"Blasphemy! I'm the eldest son of the Xiao family. I am the head of the Xiao family. How dare a junior confront me so much!"

"You're the presumptuous one!"

Grandpa Xiao interjected.

"You unfilial bastard! This old man hasn't died yet. How dare you say you are the head of the Xiao family? Let me tell you, I won't give you the position of the Xiao famly head. Keep dreaming!"

First Uncle clenched his fists as his eyes filled with rage.

"You old, good for nothing, are you getting dementia? Have you forgotten, I am the eldest son. Only I can see you through old age into retirement!"

Grandpa Xiao glared at him coldly.

"I would really have dementia if I believed your nasty words. Even if you take care of me in old age and into retirement, I'm still ashamed to have such an unscrupulous, unfaithful, and unfaithful beast for a son!"

As soon as he spoke, he placed a hand on Xiao Chen's shoulder, leaning his weight on him.

"Xiao Chen, grandpa is old. From now on, you are in charge of the Xiao family's affairs! You can do what you see fit with this parasite. Be quick, this old man has a birthday to celebrate!"

Xiao Chen nodded.

"Grandpa, don't worry, I have an idea."

As he spoke, Xiao Chen turned to face First Uncle and the others. His uncle immediately began to tremble.

"Xiao… Xiao Chen… What do you want to do?"

Xiao Chen revealed a smug smile.

"Nothing much. I just want to send you on the way."

First Uncle Xiao began to step backward, his face pale like wax.

At this time, he finally realized how much trouble he was in.

It was also at this time that First Uncle Xiao understood what Xiao Wan had been saying that night. Unfortunately, he didn't discover this soon enough. Otherwise, he wouldn't be in this situation!

It was too late!

First Madam Xiao ran over and knelt in front of Xiao Chen, kowtowing the whole time.

"Xiao Chen! What happened that year was all your Uncle and Third Uncle's faults, I tried to talk them out of it, but they didn't listen! You can't blame me. Xiao Chen, I'll divorce your First Uncle right now! Can you forgive your auntie? What happened that year had nothing to do with me!"

Third Auntie immediately followed and kowtowed to Xiao Chen.

"Xiao Chen, your auntie is right! The bad things were all done by your uncles, how could two weak women like us decide such things? It has nothing to do with us. You can't kill the good guys! I'll divorce your Third Uncle right now! Please let your third aunt live!"

The spectators sneered at the two ugly women's feeble attempt at being humble.

First Uncle and Third Uncle were furious, almost spitting out blood. Immediately, they stood up and kicked the women back.

"You two traitors. When we eliminated Number Two's family and received rewards from the Lu family, you two were more overjoyed than anyone present! These last few years, you've both lived in luxury as two rich ladies. Now that trouble is upon us, you dare betray us?"

"Despicable! I'll kill you two traitors!"

First Uncle and Third Uncle began to fight among each other, regardless of victory and defeat. There was blood shed, scratching, biting, and all kinds of tactics.

Decades of marriage had crumpled like paper. How disappointing!

Xiao Chen took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Lightly, he called out.

"Qi Sha."

"Your servant understands."

Qi Sha responded and immediately headed over.

Xiao Chen had already predicted what would happen. What more can you expect from a group of men who would sell out their own brother?

Seeing Qi Sha strike out, First Uncle immediately screamed:

"Xiao Chen, you can't kill us! It was actually the Jiangbei Wu family who brought the Lu family to the scene. They are the real killers behind the scenes! The Wu family is a relative of the Lu family! If you touch us, the Wu family won't let you get away with it."

When they heard the Wu family being mentioned, Grandpa Tang and Elder Chen changed their demeanors.

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