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Chapter 60: Chapter 60: Young Chap, You Do Have Many Ideas
Chapter 60: Chapter 60: Young Chap, You Do Have Many Ideas

"It's a pretty and mature lady."

Looking at Chen Jun who had just arrived, An Wen pursed his lips and muttered.

"Isn't that the type you like?"

Standing beside him, Zhou Zhe whispered.

An Wen shot Zhou Zhe a glance, but he did not respond.

It was not the right time to rebuke him, so he let him off for the time being.

At that juncture, the daughter of a certain rich and influential family in Shanghai, who was Chen Jun's close friend and also the one who initiated the gathering, pulled Chen Jun along with her into the center of the hall.

"Now that everyone is here, let me introduce Chen Jun to everyone."

"This is Chen Jun, my close friend, who has just returned from studying abroad. She's still single, so don't miss the opportunity today."

Upon hearing that, everyone smiled and laughed along. It was followed by perfunctory comments.

Standing at the back, An Wen watched as a group of people in front of him flattered one another.

He did not go forward to join in.

In fact, he was not the only one - there were numerous other people like him who did not participate in such activities.

To put it simply, the people in the hall then could be categorized into three main groups. The first group consisted of the children of the nouveau riche who were lazing about enjoying life, much like An Wen.

The second group consisted of those who had some capabilities but were almost empty vessels. They were the people who were most active and involved.

The third group consisted of true elites. Nurtured with the greatest of their family's resources, they were generally diligent workers of society and the most stable and anchored.

Most of those who crowded around Chen Jun were those belonging to the second category, whose mindsets were very simple - they just wanted her to have a good impression of them.

As for whether or not they had any other ideas, it was hard to tell.

After chatting for a while, everyone headed to the buffet hall.

They all had to eat and drink, but no one took large portions.

It was the same for An Wen. He only helped himself to a few pieces of pastries and poured himself a glass of grape beverage in place of red wine.

An Wen and Zhou Zhe found a table in a corner and sat down to talk.

At that moment, an influential person came to their table.

He was Liu Zhi, a true elite, whose family background was comparable to An Wen's. However, he was six to seven years older than An Wen. A typical 'kid next door', he had always performed well in school.

Recently, he started his own dot-com company that was, on one hand, dealing with advanced Internet technology, and on the other, profiting by 'scamming' people in mobile games.

Other than the start-up capital from his family, his worth of several billion yuan was solely earned himself.

Of course, the worth of several billion yuan was only that much in the Internet world.

"Junior An, what have you been busy with recently?" Liu Zhi sat down and asked.

Looking at him, An Wen smiled and replied, "I've been busy forging metal."

"Junior An, you have many hobbies indeed. You built an Ancient Flying Eagle some time back and even got onto the trending section. Who would have known you'd be hooked onto forging metal now?"

"No no, I was just fooling around. This is nothing compared to you, Brother Liu."

After beating around the bush for a while, Liu Zhi finally revealed his purpose in talking to An Wen.

He wanted to ask An Wen for funding - it was not the likes of a scam, but a true funding investment that would certainly yield returns.

"Series C funding? You came to the wrong person, Brother Liu, how would I be able to take part in this? Oh, by the way, why is Brother Liu not approaching her though, just in case… is it?" An Wen quickly changed the topic.

"I'm not going to willingly embarrass myself… Even without considering her background, she is already very capable by herself, an economics doctorate holder from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. My qualifications are too far from hers," Liu Zhi shook his head and replied.


Chen Jun's an economics doctorate holder from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania?

That's really…

She had a more prestigious background than him and was also more hardworking; what was the purpose of anyone working hard anymore?

Truly, she was an extremely capable person.

He certainly could not afford to provoke her. In fact, he should not dare to.

Looking at the smile befitting the expectations of society on Chen Jun's face some distance away, and at the group of the second generation nouveau riche crowding around her with smiles, An Wen could not help but feel pity for them.

That group of people was really thinking too highly of themselves and their abilities.

If it were not for the fact that she had to attract investors for her brother, they would not even be qualified to meet her.

Now, however, they all thought that they were in her good books - that must be an illusion.

After some time, news finally spread that they were seeking investors.

Of course, they did not put it so obviously.

From a business standpoint, Chen Jun began describing the geographical and business advantages of the Loess Plateau. She explained which industries could be invested in, which industries had development potential, and so on.

She also mentioned that they could head over to have a look in groups if they were interested.

That was truly the art of speaking.

She did not ask that everyone should invest but merely explained future business prospects. In that way, even if no one was interested, nobody would be embarrassed.

After talking about formal business, everyone continued chatting casually.

Those who wanted to leave could then leave.

An Wen stayed put, for it would not leave a good impression if he left too early. He did not have any important business to attend to anyway, so it was also worthwhile to remain and chat with his childhood friend.

"I heard that you're going to pursue a postgraduate degree?" Zhou Zhe asked curiously.

"Is that a problem?" An Wen questioned.

"No, I just find it slightly strange. You have not experienced any impactful event recently, but why are you suddenly thinking of 'killing' yourself by pursuing a postgraduate degree?"

"I'm preparing to fight for the rise of our home and nation."


How could Zhou Zhe not know An Wen's personality?

He simply could not understand why An Wen suddenly wanted to study and enter a graduate school when he was living a good life. Had he gone mad?

"Enough about me, what are you planning to do moving forward?"

"I'm preparing to become a director."

An Wen raised his eyebrows and looked in disdain at Zhou Zhe.

You want to be a director?

Zhou Zhe majored in business management - what would he know about being a director?

An Wen did not think about it based on common perceptions of why people wanted to become a director. If Zhou Zhe wanted to, he certainly did not need to trouble himself and could simply be an investor.

"Why are you suddenly thinking of becoming a director?" An Wen asked.

"I watched a few movies adapted from various novels recently, but they were filmed so horribly, I would certainly be able to do better."

Is this the legendary 'I can definitely do better'?

"Alright, what movie are you intending to make?" An Wen asked curiously.

"Mmm, about this book."

Zhou Zhe opened the novel application on his mobile phone and tapped on a book on the virtual bookshelf.

"Fantasy? Steampunk?"

An Wen was slightly stunned when he saw the synopsis of the book.

"That's right. Although this book isn't very famous, it is extremely well-written and has the right 'feel'. I intend to turn this into a movie."

Zhou Zhe nodded and replied seriously.

"Alright then, how much are you intending to spend to make the movie?"

To make a good movie of such genre, many special effects were required - and special effects were extremely costly.

"… I only have 100 million yuan."

When Zhou Zhe said that, he suddenly lost all his prior confidence.

Making a fantasy blockbuster with just 100 million yuan?

Dream on.

If you're really able to make one with that budget, it'll probably end up like the movie adaptation of Soul Land.

Wait, where did he even get the 100 million yuan from?

"Where did you get the money from? I don't believe that Uncle Zhou would give you 100 million yuan to spend."

"Well… Don't accidentally expose me, but my dad gave me this money to invest in tourism development in Gutian County."

You're seriously not afraid of dying.

An Wen greatly admired Zhou Zhe's audacity to do so. He must have a 'head' of steel.

By the time Uncle Zhou discovers what happened, he might need to start over with a new 'smurf game account'.

That was simply because his 'main game account' was down the drain and could not be retrieved.

"Hold on, what are you even thinking? What are you going to film with 100 million yuan?"

"I have already done some calculations. For investing in Gutian County, the land would surely not cost much anyway, since it's all uncultivated land there. As such, I'll spend the 100 million yuan to build a steampunk-styled observation park modeled after city sites. It will be a tourist attraction, as well as the filming location."

"I'll then earn money slowly and take time to film. I'll surely film it well one day. If the budget is really insufficient, I'll ask my dad for a bit more."

Young lad, you have a great and noble mission indeed.

Saving the world… no, the task of saving the show business industry lies in your hands now.

"Alright then, since you've really planned it all out, I can spare 200 million yuan for you too."

An Wen was not concerned about money since he knew that he would certainly not be short of money in the future, so why not give his childhood friend some support?

"Really? That's awesome, I'll build a real steampunk city then and use it as a selling point to attract tourists. I'll be able to make more realistic special effects in my movie as well!"

Zhou Zhe was extremely excited. He was finally going to accomplish something significant and remarkable.

A steampunk city?

As Zhou Zhe spoke, a thought suddenly emerged in An Wen's mind.

Looking excitedly at Zhou Zhe, he suddenly thought of a bold idea.

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