Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Best Man and Bridesmaid (Part Seven)
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Chapter 1524: Best Man and Bridesmaid (Part Seven)

Yan Rusheng marched towards the direction where Ming Ansheng was.

"Hey! Why is the groom hanging out here?"

Ming Ansheng was standing quietly amongst the group of friends. Someone teased Yan Rusheng when he saw him approaching.

Time was running short, and Yan Rusheng had no time for jokes. He grabbed Ming Ansheng's arm and dragged him forcibly. "Lu Yinan had something to do. So you take over."

"What!?" Ming Ansheng's first instinct was to reject.

He generally didn't like noise and didn't particularly enjoy being in the limelight. He just wanted to attend his childhood friend's wedding as a guest.

A best man wasn't something he was confident that he would do a good job.

Lu Yinan was the best candidate for the job.

Yan Runan replied, "Yanyan is injured, so Lu Yinan had to send her to the hospital. You are the only person right now."

He dragged Ming Ansheng across the hall in the midst of the conversation.

"Go find any of them." Ming Ansheng turned to point at their friends. "They all had the experience of being a best man. I don't."

He felt that any of their friends would be a more suitable choice than him.

Anyone of them.

"They are all married."

Yan Rusheng's reply shut Ming Ansheng up.

It had come to a point whereby everyone bullied the single ones.

Yan Rusheng had already shoved his objection back into his mouth with his reason. And this was an emergency, so no matter how unwilling he was to be in the limelight, he had to.

He followed Yan Rusheng out of the hall. Yan Rusheng scrutinized him from head to toe and concluded, "There is nothing you need to change. Good to go."

He turned to the wedding planner behind him. "Give him the boutonniere."

"Okay," said the wedding planner curtly.

Yan Rusheng glanced at his watch and said, "It's time."

The wedding was supposed to start at 6:30 p.m. and it was already 6:20 p.m.

Gosh! He was about to marry the dumb woman, Wen Xuxu?

Young Master Yan began to feel nervous and anxious for no reason. It could be because of excitement, as he thought to himself.

He stood outside the hall as he glanced at the wedding arch. The red carpet stretched all the way to the stage with fresh fragrant flowers at the side of the walkway. The whole place looked dreamy and beautiful.

He stood straight and tall, with his chest puffed out, and his heart pumping quickly.

Ming Ansheng was wearing the boutonniere on his chest, which the wedding planner had pinned on for him. It was a little crooked but he didn't bother with it.

He stood in a relaxed pose with both hands in his pockets, looking nonchalant.

As though he was a stranger and not the best man.

The lights went dim and the emcee went on stage and began to address the crowd.

"Next, let's welcome the suavest, handsome, and gorgeous man in the capital city, Mr. Yan Rusheng!"

Applause erupted and echoed around the entire hall

Yan Rusheng clenched his fists and inhaled deeply. He stood up a little straighter and raised his chin.

But he remained rooted to the spot.

"Yan Rusheng?" Ming Ansheng glanced at Yan Rusheng with a quizzical look. "Are you glued to the floor?"

Yan Rusheng shot him a deathly stare. "F*ck! Can't you tell that I'm emotional right now?"

Ming Ansheng scoffed and chuckled. "I bet you're nervous and you're getting cold feet."

"You must be joking." Young Master Yan put a foot forward and strode into the hall.

He stepped on the red carpet and walked towards the wedding hall.

Yes, he was indeed nervous. He was excited. He was blissful… and yes he was grateful, too.

There was a rush of emotions coursing through him right now. But he appeared calm and cool as everyone gushed over the groom who looked as though he was strutting down the walkway like an international model.

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