A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 815 - Princess Irina Saved Us

Chapter 815 Princess Irina Saved UsOne plate of fried rice after another flew out of the kitchen, heading toward the elves situated the closest to the entrance of the kitchen, and the alluring aroma of fried rice wafted throughout the entire restaurant.

The colorful Yangzhou fried rice appeared as if it had been made from chopped up rainbows, and they were being served on simple yet elegant white plates. There was no need for any embellishment or decorations, as the fried rice itself was already extremely beautiful and alluring to behold.



The sounds of gulping and growling stomachs immediately rang out across the entire restaurant as all of the elves stared at the plates of Yangzhou fried rice flying out of the kitchen. Such a ridiculously delectable aroma had already far exceeded their imaginations.

The plates gently landed in front of the elves closest to the kitchen with unerring accuracy, and there was a spoon resting on the side of every plate.

The elves who had received plates of fried rice were at a slight loss for what to do. They were unable to look away from the beautiful dishes presented to them, but none of them picked up their spoons, and the atmosphere became a little awkward.

Having just finished cleaning his pot, Mag made his way over to the kitchen’s entrance, and then looked at the elves with a smile as he said, “Eat up! Everyone will get a portion eventually, but you’ll have to wait for a little while.”

All of the elves looked at the benevolent smile on Mag’s face, and even though he was a human, they couldn’t help but want to trust him.

After receiving permission from Mag, all of the elves picked up their spoons and began to scoop fried rice into their mouths.

All of them felt as if a flavor explosion had been set off on the tips of their tongues, and the irresistible flavor combination made it impossible for them to stop.

Furthermore, there was a faint fragrance that didn’t belong to any type of discernible ingredient, but it was very pronounced, and further enhanced the flavor of the dish. Even after swallowing their mouthfuls of rice, this special flavor still remained on their palate, leaving a delectable aftertaste.

The children were unable to identify what this fragrance was, but it gave them a sense of warmth, and as the fried rice slid down their throats, they felt as if they had been injected with exuberant life force.

The hunger in their bellies disappeared, and their stomachs felt really warm as if the fried rice was warming them up on the inside.

“It tastes so good! I’ve never had anything so good before… It’s a shame… that my little sister will never get to eat this…”

“This must be the best food in the world! How could food possibly taste this good?”

“It feels so warm and so comfortable! I miss Mommy…”

The elves stared at the plates of Yangzhou fried rice with incredulity in their eyes, and some of the little elves were even shedding tears, while the wounded hearts of some of the elves were slowly being healed by the warmth flowing through their bodies.

However, in the end, the delicious flavor of the fried rice won out above all else. None of the elves present had had a decent meal for a long time, and they completely threw their table manners out the window as they shoveled spoonfuls of fried rice into their mouths.

Meanwhile, the elves who had yet to receive their portions of fried rice gulped down countless mouthfuls of drool, and the intensifying hunger in their stomachs was striking them with the impulse to gnaw at the tables before them just to get something that resembled food, even just a little, into their mouths.

“I’ll help you, Uncle Mag.” Anna put on her little apron and carried her stool into the kitchen with a serious look on her little face.

Mag turned to Anna with a smile before placing a plate of winter bamboo shoots on the counter beside him. “Alright, then please chop these up just like you practiced with the potatoes.”

Anna nodded with an earnest expression as she carried the plate of bamboo shoots over to her small designated area before chopping them up in a diligent manner.

Five pots were being used at once as one portion of Yangzhou fried rice after another was loaded onto plates, and then sent out to the elves by Babla and Sally.

One portion of Yangzhou fried rice per elf was nowhere near enough, but their hunger and feebleness had already been completely alleviated, and their tired minds were much refreshed now. This was the same as the feeling of being healed by the elven princess in the Wind Forest, and all of the elves were basking in their newfound warmth and comfort.

The elves who had eaten vacated their seats politely to those who hadn’t yet done so. Even though they were all extremely disheveled and their clothes were in tatters, the graceful elves still hadn’t forgotten their manners.

Words of praise rang out incessantly, and the elves’ faces were filled with bliss. It had been so long since they had smiled and laughed from the bottom of their hearts like this, and they were filled with renewed hope for their future in this city.

A positive beginning always instilled within one glorious vision for the future.

Sally and Blour looked at the blissful smiles on the faces of their brethren, and they also smiled. If a happy new beginning could be presented, then there was still hope in life.

When I grow up, I’m going to become a chef who brings happiness to people, just like Uncle Mag. Anna’s eyes were filled with admiration as she looked up at Mag.

All of the elves had already eaten at this point, and Mag brought out two more portions of Yangzhou fried rice as he turned to Sally and Blour with a smile. “Everyone else has eaten, so it’s time you two had some food as well.”

Blour looked deep into Mag’s eyes, and said in an earnest voice, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. You look like a little sissy right now, but you’ve done something very manly.” Mag chuckled in reply.

“You seem to be praising me, but why does it sound so weird?” Blour raised his eyebrows with a smile as he ate spoonfuls of fried rice with immaculate table manners. As he did so, he praised, “Only such delicious food can match my beauty.”

“Thank you.” Sally extended a grateful bow toward Mag before also scooping a spoonful of fried rice into her mouth, and her eyes shut with bliss.

As the familiar delectable flavor blossomed in her mouth, she felt as if all of the hardships she’d experienced during this journey had been wiped away. The tension and residual anxiety also gradually disappeared, and when she opened her eyes, she was greeted by the sight of the same familiar restaurant and the pair of ever-gentle eyes. This warm sensation gave her the feeling of home.

After the two finished their portions of fried rice, Mag asked, “What are your plans from now on? If I’m not mistaken, it won’t be easy for you to take care of these elves with your identities.”

All of the elves also turned to Blour and Sally upon hearing this. Even though they had arrived at Chaos City, they still didn’t know where they were going to stay here.

Blour and Sally glanced at each other, and their expressions were both rather complex. Indeed, it would be quite detrimental to the two of them if it were revealed they were taking care of these elves. In that case, they would be seen as enemies of the elven race and even their own families, and that was certainly not a good thing for their long-term plans.

“I’ll get the elven embassy to organize lodgings for them. I should be able to keep things a secret for now…” Blour’s voice was a little unconvincing, and it was quite clear that even he didn’t know how long he’d be able to keep everything confidential. A month? A week? Or perhaps as little as a single day?

“Princess Irina saved us, and told us that no one would come after us; does that mean the demons won’t ever try to catch us again?” an elven child asked in a feeble voice with a hint of fear in his eyes.

Mag was rather surprised to hear this.

Blour clenched his fists under the table, and was at a loss for how to reply.

“Leave this to me; I’ll take care of all of them,” Mag said as he turned to the elves in the restaurant with a serious expression, and announced, “She’s right, no one will come after you, and no one will ever hurt you again.”

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